Mummy, who are all those people in the photograph?            Great family trees to share with all the family What were your ancestors doing when the great news events were going on?    Added information brings your family history to life So you think you might be related to that little girl four rows back who grew up and left a fortune?     Let us help you prove it Great value-for-money deals on now, even if we cannot quite offer Bob-a-Job !

Welcome to Groves Research!

Our mission is to bring smiles to people's faces by reminding them how important family links can be. Whether these links are used to build a family tree back to the early 1800's and beyond, to track down a long lost brother, or to prove an entitlement to a share of late Uncle Albert's estate. As genealogy specialists we would be delighted to help you in whatever way we can. Now that must be worth a smile before we even begin!

WWII History

The client had asked for a full report and presentation on the military service of his wife's father, since deceased, during WWII as a surprise gift for his wife and her brother and sister. Their father had seen action specifically as part of Operation Market Garden ('A Bridge Too Far') in Holland, and the detailed report was enhanced by some footage from relevant video clips related to his regiment during that period.

'Thank you for your presentation on Saturday and accompanying reports, it was well received and very much appreciated by all.'

Mr M D, Bedfordshire,

Personal Services

Personal Services
An illustrated family history based either on pre-defined project scope or customised to your needs; tracing that relative you lost touch with years ago; proving your link to your late aunt and your claim on her country estate; taking away some of the hassle in preparing for probate. Whatever your needs we can help! Read more

Business Services

Business Services
Our significant experience in the world of business helps us work closely with solicitors, insurance companies and other financial institutions to identify and trace beneficiaries and other key parties to wills & cases of intestacy, and in tracing customers or those entitled to the proceeds of insurance policies, savings schemes, and other securities. Read more
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