So some of you DID already know?

You certainly are a literary and cultured lot if you worked this one out.

The wintry days of December  in England have always been cause for people to rejoice on the one hand and reflect on the other as families get together to celebrate Christmas and think also perhaps of those no longer with them.

Emily Bronte was famous mostly for the writing of Wuthering Heights and had almost equally famous siblings, including Anne and Charlotte.  She sadly died of tuberculosis in December 1848 at the age of 30.

Sad though that was, the tragedy was actually more to do with her father Patrick Bronte. Patrick had previously changed his name from Brunty, and was also an author in his own right. Patrick met and then married Maria Branwell also in the month of December, in 1812.

But he couldn’t have imagined the tragedy he was to suffer during his lifetime. Unusually, by the time he died in 1861 at 84 years old he had outlived not only his beloved wife Maria, but also all six of his children.

Another "Did You Know?" coming soon.

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