Family Trees

Groves Research will work with the client to establish some initial background information about their family and will then research further based on these details to produce family trees back to the early 1800’s or beyond.

The details provided will include the dates and places of births, marriages and deaths of those included in the tree, as well as other relevant information to bring the family history ‘to life’.

According to the option selected, certain proof points will be ratified with a number of original (not photcopied) certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. The options are based on the client selection of an individual as the ‘focus’ for the tree, and then choosing for that ‘focus’:


oak tree‘Seize quartiers’; four generations back to 16 great-great-grandparents through both paternal and maternal lines, including spouses (but no brothers or sisters). Will include potentially up to 32 individual family members.


As 'Oak', but paternal or maternal line only, to 8 great-great-grandparents. Will include potentially up to 17 individual family members.


As Oak, but three generations only back to 8 great-grandparents. Will include potentially up to 16 individual family members.



A specific client requirement not covered by the above e.g. full tree for family members with a specific surname. We will work with the client on an initial feasibility study to analyse the potential extent of the tree and to produce a full scope and a price based on the estimate of work. The client is free then to determine the extent of work they actually want done according to budget and scope.

Project Progress

The client will be kept up-to-date on a regular basis on progress of the project, and will be able to help verify information gleaned from the research up to that point

The Product

A smart presentation pack that will include:

  • the family tree diagram with names and event dates & places,
  • a page for each individual or couple mentioned in the tree with a sprinkling of additional information to 'bring the tree to life' including items such as:  
    • family photographs
    • 'news of the day' - what was happening on key dates in the tree
    • maps & photographs of where key events took place
    • descriptions of the occupations of key family members,
  • original copies of the certificates making up the 'proof points', 
  • a smile.

Download sample pages 

Front and detail pages for an Oak Tree project.

Family tree for an Oak Tree project. Note in this sample document we have filled only certain boxes with names and dates as an example. The remainder are annotated simply with a code for the family member.

Those Special Extras

We can also take care of additional requirements that may make your experience a little extra special. This could include , for example, a wall chart of the family tree. Just let us know your needs when we start the project.

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