Groves Research will always look to meet the client to discuss and clarify requirements before work begins. If a face-to-face meeting is impractical then this may take place over the telephone. This initial exploratory discussion is free of charge.

Projects for Individuals

1. Family Trees

Special Prices for Packaged Services

If you've shopped around you'll realise how very reasonable these package prices are for the research and presentation of your family tree.

Each of the 'Oak Tree', 'Beech Tree' and 'Pine Tree' packages include a number of proof points to confirm the contents of the tree with certified copies of birth or marriage certificates. These are originals, not photocopies and are charged at cost, not at a profit.

The number of certificates provided for the 'Mahogany Tree' will be determined and agreed with the customer in advance depending on the scope of the project.

For details of the scope of each of the packages please go to the Family Trees tab.

For any work undertaken and not able to be completed e.g. where Groves Research is unable to trace a member or branch of a family tree, a reduction will be made in the final fee.

2. Other Projects - Tracing Relatives, Proving Family Relationships, Preparing for Probate

Groves Research will draw up a scope and estimate of work after the free initial exploratory discussion with the client.  The priced estimate of work and/or a budget limit will be agreed up-front with the client based on an hourly rate prevailing at the time, currently £25 per hour.

Projects for Businesses

Groves Research will look to enter into agreements under one of two possible arrangements:

1. Fixed Fee plus Expenses - negotiated fee for a clearly defined scope of work, plus reasonable expenses at cost. This could also be on a 'no result, no fee' basis.

2. Contingency Fee - a percentage charged directly to the beneficiary. This fee is normally taken at the time the proceeds are realised by the beneficiary. A maximum percentage can be agreed in advance if required by the asset-holder (insurance company, bank, solicitor, etc).

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